Uvalence is proud to provide our first in house designed and manufactured product! Read below for more detail on the 'Anita Bum' Peach Bum Legging.


Our first design and each one to follow is designed and inspired by a particular single or group of women. We choose women that are empowering each other and have goals to become better each day. Our first design was inspired by a dentist, who works hard at the office and when she trains. How perfect it was to incorporate such attention to detail of that of a dentist, into our first design!

peach bum leggings


This is number one. We want our customer to cherish her legging for years to come. We match and surpass that of premium priced brands. The 4 needle flatlock stitching method is the 'best in class' method that we use throughout our pants. 

peach bum leggings


Our undisclosed polyster blend of material was chosen to compete with the softest leggings we could find as well as the toughest. Our 4 way stretch makes sure the material moves with you. No restrictions or discomfort here. The fabric weight is just enough so that you can do full bent over motions, and not show off your panty designs or skin tone! And finally, you can take a breath; and so can your legs because you will not have to peel our pants off after you sweat in them. 

peach bum leggings


The Peach Bum was created for your to place your best cheeks forward. If you are in your best shape or not in shape at all, our leggings will shape your bum into its best form. Besides, this is a workout brand, Lifting and Shaping is what we do.

peach bum leggings


Medium compression at the thighs and medium-PLUS compression at the waist, makes our leggings more functional than anything in your closet. We implement a high waist design for proper waist cinching for short and long term benefits. 

peach bum leggings


In order to satisfy the dual purpose of comfort and function, we spent countless time and energy and samples honing in on this first design. The 4 way stretch material allows every position from gymnastics splits, to back bends, to being seated with crossed legs. The cuff at the bottom of our capri will hug your legs just enough to stay close, but never cut off your circulation.

peach bum leggings


The poly blend material uses light weight elastane for stretch and proper thermoregulation. These will not hold in heat, in any occasion, and you will never peel them off like a pair of leather pants; much like other comparably priced leggings. 

peach bum leggings


Don't you hate when you just wore your leggings to go around the corner yesterday, but today they just don't smell fresh? That's not a thing anymore. If your leggings are not made with the industry standard materials, you need not worry. We've got you covered.

peach bum leggings


  • 7 total pockets
  • High Waist Band
  • Squat-proof material
  • Cinching waist band
  • 4 needle, 6 thread flatlock stitching
  • Cellulite smoothing
  • Butt lifting
  • Comfort bottom cuff
  • V-crotch gusset to eliminate camel toe appearances

peach bum leggings


Measurements in the chart are the relaxed pant not being worn. The numbers are for comparison to current leggings that you fit.


As you can tell by now, we have tried to pack in as many functional features as well as flattering style into our 'Anita Bum' Peach Bum design. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us at




You can find our leggings on our site HERE.  AVAILABLE NOW!!!



That is awesome, thanks for your interest. Peach Bum is on a mission to spread love and insight high confidence regardless of the shape of size of a woman. Our reps will cover the range of our pant sizes (Xs-XXL). If you are interested in becoming a part of our community of powerful and supportive women, see more detail below about our pilot program.



Contract Period

Initial brand rep period will be 4 months. We will then evaluate and extend or terminate the agreement moving forward.

What does being a rep involve?

      •  Public and active Instagram account (FB and twiiter are a plus)
      • Genuine love and appreciation for the brand and its products
      • Actively engages with online content from Peach Bum or Uvalence, including liking and sharing on occasion.
      • Promotes the brand on your social media through uploaded content showing a product and tagging Peach Bum. 
      • Send non blurry selfies in apparel to and agree to allow this content to be used for any commercial purposes.
      • Shares announcements such as promotions, contests, launches, and events.
      • Peach Bum and Uvalence reserve the right to use any and all photographs on all social media accounts, promotional flyers and all advertisements.

What benefits do you get by being a Rep? 

      • 1 of each product available provided at 75% discount. Shipping not included.
      • A unique 25% off discount code will be given for use for personal and immediate family.
      • A 15% off discount code will be given and activated during specific promotion periods.
      • Behind the scenes look into building our brand and opportunity to help shape our image and message.
      • Tons of love, support, and appreciation
      • Exposure on across our social media network
      • Access to professional photographers for shoots, and images you can keep for yourself


We reserve the right to withdraw you from the contract at any time, without question, if we find you are not abiding by all of the terms and conditions.


Please contact us at to inquire directly!

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