The Black Butter Legging

We are back at it with our second legging release in 2018! Excited? Yes. And here's why you should be to...


If you are a into leggings as everyday wear, this drop has your back. We're coming with a Nylon/Spandex blend that hits the mark at the perfect ratio for a buttery smooth feel. Like always our focus is always quality, then comfort. These are way better than all of your amazon leggings. 

The finish is solid black with little to no sheen. 

High waists are always a favorite, and this pant will hang around your navel. Tummy control is very important to us.


Add a little flattery with the sloping back waist seam. 

These are full length with some room for error. Too long? Have them's worth it! (P.S. Later we're coming out with shorter lengths)

We kept this pant sleek and classic with a tune up for functional aesthetics. 


The embroidered graphic logo on the rear of the waist band is slightly larger than typical. We make it a point to stand out even when dressed in all black.


The text logo on the lower right leg back side says it all so you don't have to.


With low compression, these are true tights that allow your shape to shine. Choosing your normal legging size will give you relaxed fit. For a little more support and probably your ideal size, we recommend you size Down.






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