5 Point Customer Pledge

You as our friend and customer deserve a better than great experience when purchasing from and interacting with our We Are Houstrong brand. That is why we are committed to upholding 5 very important pillars of serving you, the Customer.


1. We give maximum effort to make you feel comfortable and confident when you consume any content or make any purchases from UValence. 

2. Prices for all products will be fair and set in order to maximize our ability to give back. We stick to our 15 day return policy to give everyone a fair chance to be satisfied with our products.

3. We will continually curate our selection of items and use your feedback when deciding to continue or discontinue items.

4. Every customer interaction is special and unique. You will receive direct customer service from an understanding and pleasant human such as yourself.

5. Our customer service takes no vacation. We are accessible to answer inquiries and respond to challenges every single day of the year. 


It is a privilege to serve the active community with our efforts. We do not take our ability to provide hard to find or custom items to you for granted. We want UValence to be a symbol of what is good in the World. We are 100% confident you will get to know us and believe that too!